To help you direct your command operations with an incomparable efficiency, Flexlite created the Flex-Timer. The Flex-timers Timer is a multifunctional system that allows you to easily track the time needed for your operations.

It allows you to:

Measure the time required to perform each step of the operation

Preset timers that will notify you when the time comes for your teams to go out

Set reminders for certain specific operations

Moreover, it records the duration of each operation which allows you to easily write your reports.

Easy to use, it enables you to concentrate on your other tasks command You dont need any special knowledge to operate the system. Just press the buttons start, stop and reset to calculate the time. So you no longer have to do calculations to manage time for your operations

No more time calculation to do to manage your teams With the Flex-Timer system you can predefine as many timers as you have teams. You can adjust the working time allocated for each operation or for oxygen reserves. When your teams start work, boot the system and it warns you 2 minutes before the time runs out and an alarm sounds when time is up.

Pompiers , Flex commander et Flex Timer No more forgetting during your operations The system also allows you to set reminders to perform certain specific tasks. In due time a button flashes to remind you to perform this task.

Easily write your reports As Flextimer records every event, you can easily write your reports. You can also analyze certain points in an effort to improve the efficiency of your team.