Do you want to see clearly, to better support your team of firefighters and protect more lives ?

Flexlite developed for you the Flex-Commander

The Flex-Commander is a revolutionary command post combines a powerful LED lighting system and a wireless camera system.

In a few minutes, the scene is well lit and you get a complete visual on your command post

  • Ease of use
  • Simple installation
  • Wireless
  • Allow for a complete monitoring of the procedures
  • Real time overview
  • Allow for a better tasks management
  • Avoid forgetting steps
  • Auxiliary system in case of power failure
  • Better interventions efficacity
  • Save on insurance costs
  • Optimize your formation with the help of the recordings
  • Protect the team from a judiciary standpoint ( recordings )
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Quick and easy to set up and use The projectors are lightweight, easy to carry and they land on all types of surfaces. Only a switch to press and projectors light up and the images begin to transmit automatically. Same for the command post. Just open the case and turn on the screen and the system is fully operational.

Protect and guide your team like never before The system allows you to combine up to 8 projectors-camera with a range of over 1000 feet even through walls and obstacles. The Flex-Commander can be combined with traditional command post with tokens which gives you a complete picture of the situation to enable you to make the right decisions quickly and effectively.

lumière 6 spots Get a well-lit area in a few minutes Each projector has 6 LED lights and projected a powerful 5000 lumens light evenly distributed. They are lightweight and easy to install on any type of interior and exterior surfaces. The projectors are designed in industrial aluminum and resistant to shock, water, heat and corrosion.

Gain speed and efficiency No specific knowledge to master and no software to learn. The Flex-Commander starts quickly and automatically by pressing a single switch. The system has been designed to perfectly marry traditional command posts and make you gain speed and efficiency.

Wireless Each camera-projector is wireless which makes them quick and easy to install. No need for generator and especially no cables cluttering the fire scene. In addition the equipement has a battery life of 11.5 hours in camera + lighting mode.

réunion équipe Train your team through the recorded images The Flex-Commander allows you up to 40 days of continuous recording. Play back recordings with your team to improve training, prevent accidents and increase the effectiveness of your fire department.



Flex Timer

Optional on your Flex-Commander, you can integrate the Flex-Timer. This software improves the security of your teams and the effectiveness of your interventions. This is actually a multifunction timer that allows you, in a few clicks to time the critical stages of a REVAS operation.